Wednesday 27 June 2012

Crochet Experiments!

Some new things! I have been experimenting with ways to make crochet jewellery using a wool and silk mix yarn, which has lovely draping qualities to add to the lacy effect I wanted to achieve.

In all my jewellery I like to keep the fastenings simple, as with this bow 
I have been wanting to make some long necklaces that could be dressed up or down, and here is the first experimental piece! I think a piece like this would make quite a statement layered together with other necklaces, and there is also potential  to develop them with some embellishment (to satisfy my Swarovski obsession!) 

So, that sums up what's going on in the studio at the moment, lots of experiments! I'll keep you posted about these ideas and the other things I'm working on!

I'm hoping these initial ideas can develop into a crochet collection

Saturday 16 June 2012

Something Old, Something New

I like to use recycled materials in my work as much as possible, both in order to reduce the environmental impact of my work, and also because I enjoy the challenge of creating something new by reinventing the old.

However, I have also developed a love of all things Swarovski, Freshwater Pearls and semi-precious stones, and through the combination of both of these themes, my "Something Old, Something New" theme has developed!

These pieces combine recycled yarn and fabrics with sparkly Swarovski crystals. The Little fabric discs on the necklace and brooches was cut from fabric that once formed a  display in a shoe shop window!

This necklace is the first I've made with the little fabric discs, and it's an idea that I'm going to work on and develop
 I'm taking these pieces to the Warner Textile Museum shop in Braintree next week, along with some more bits and pieces!

Sunday 10 June 2012

Knitting Projects!

I don't get a lot of spare time to make non work related things, but this year I am determined to make some things for myself! I've been knitting this jumper for quite some time and I finished it this week. I'm hoping to get quite a few pieces knitted ready for the Winter- but with the weather the way it is, I may need to wear them before that!

I'll definitely keep warm in the studio wearing this!

I made this one from a pattern, but one of my aims for the near future is to create my own experimental knitwear collection- watch this space!

Thursday 7 June 2012

Cuckoo Farm Studios

Today I'd like to give you a little look inside my studio! I'm very lucky to have such a nice place to work in, and such a unique place too. There are about thirty Artists working in our community at Cuckoo Farm, Colchester, and it's really helpful to me to be working surrounded by like minded people.

When the inside of my studio is looking a bit tidier I'll post some more images!

Cuckoo Farm itself was once a working pig farm, and all of the studios are converted farm buildings (my studio is in the old farm cottage!) and because of this we are lucky enough to have lovely grounds around the studios (really nice in the summer, very cold but pretty in the winter snow!)

We have lots of arty things around the grounds at the studios

I'm very grateful for the opportunities Cuckoo Farm has given me since leaving college, and my studio is an integral part in the process of making my work.

Saturday 2 June 2012

Swarovski and Pearls

These are just a few of the pieces that I've been making this week. Tomorrow I'll be transforming them into rings and they'll be all set to go off to the gallery! I stitch all the beads and stones onto the felt backing by hand-  I am an obsessive embellisher! People are always surprised that I stitch them all rather than glue them on, but I think this gives the best results and I love the process of it.

The big round rings are made from handmade felt beads which are then embellished- they really are statement rings!

It's not a ring yet, but it will be!

Statement ring!

 I also make jewellery to commission, so if there's something particular you'd like please contact me!