Sunday 22 February 2015

DIY Fabric and Chain Tassel Garland How To

I came across this heavy gold chain in a craft store and instantly felt a How To coming on! I love the trend for tassels at the moment, so I have combined the chain with fabric tassels (a good way to use up long, thin fabric scraps!)to make this fun garland. Here's how...

1) You will need

Long lengths of lightweight cotton fabric in your choice of colours (I chose three blues), heavy weight chain (from a craft store or up-cycled), fabric scissors, metallic embroidery thread and a large eyed needle

2) Cut the fabric strips along their length aprox 5mm wide, to minimise fraying 

3) Decide how long you'd like the tassels to be and cut the long fabric strips into pieces of this length. My strips were 40cm long, meaning the finished tassels are 20cm long

4) Place 5 fabric strips (or more for a fuller tassel) underneath the chain and fold the fabric strips over the top of the chain

5) Secure the tassels with embroidery thread at even lengths along the chain. Trim the ends of the fabric tassels if needed

6) Ta-dah! A lovely garland to cheer up any space

Happy making! If you make a garland don't forget to share your photos, I'd love to see!

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Tartan and Leather Button Brooches and Rings. #WIP

A little look at what is going on behind the scenes today- some work in progress! This is something I've wanted to try for a while- combining off-cuts of traditional Scottish wool Tartan with stitched leather pieces to make Button Brooches and Rings. I'm adding a Rose Gold coloured Swarovski Crystal to them too.

I'll be adding these to the Etsy Shop soon (still practicing with my camera) so I'll be sure to show you when they are all finished!

Sunday 15 February 2015

Louise Dawson Design on Google+!

Mr Writer and I are working on my blog revamp today so I'm excited to be able to reveal the new look blog soon!

In the mean time, I just wanted to let you know that you can now find me on Google+! I'm still learning how it works but I'm loving being part of the Google+ community. The way I'd describe it is that it's a bit like a micro-blogging site, so it's really easy to share info and connect with people with similar interests. Yay for discovering new crafty blogs and beautiful photos of peoples makes! You can find me here- if you're on Google+ too I'd love to add you to my Circles!

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Sign Up for the Louise Dawson Design Newsletter!

One of my goals for 2015 was to create a regular newsletter, so I'm pleased to say that I've done it (yay for getting organised!)! 

If you would like to receive monthly news and offers from Louise Dawson Design, you can subscribe to my mailing list using the sign up tab on the right hand side of the page and keep up to date! This is how January's Newsletter looked...

Sunday 8 February 2015

Make Heart Shaped, Liberty Fabric Scrap Shoe Clips. How To

Valentine's Day will soon be here (already!) so today I'm sharing a How To to make these Liberty Fabric Scrap, Heart Shaped Shoe Clips! Perfect to wear to celebrate on the day but wearable throughout the year too! Here's the How To...

1) You will need

Liberty/fabric scrap of your choice, felt for backing, shoe clips {I got mine from Ebay), thread to match backing, thread for tacking, metallic thread, sewing needle, pins, fabric scissors, heat dispersing pen, heart shape to draw round (or you could draw the heart freehand onto paper and use this as your template). Ooh and some nice shoes

2) Draw around the heart shaped template with the heat dispersing pen. I use a Frixion pen, I love it, so handy!

You need two hearts in each fabric

3)Cut the hearts out and iron the pieces to remove the pen lines if any are still showing

4) Stitch (or glue, if you prefer)the shoe clips onto the backing felt heart

5) Pin and then tack the front and back heart pieces together

6)Over-sew the front and back hearts together using metallic thread. You could use another stitch if you prefer

7) I finished the hearts off with some tiny cross stitches in metallic thread. Again, here you could customise the hearts in any way you wish with pretty embroidery stitches

8)Yay, they are ready to wear! 

If you make a pair share your photos, I'd love to see your makes!

Sunday 1 February 2015

On Instagram in January

Here's a little look at January through my Instagram photos. I hope you all had a good January!

It's been a very damp month but the gardens are looking lovely and green!

I started a new knitting project, a jumper from the Rowan Easy Winter Knits book. I love this colour! I only hope I can get it finished to wear before the end of Winter!

I bought some Matcha Tea from the Bluebird Tea Company and I'm trying to be healthy and drink a cup every day 

How cute is this Flo-Jo Boutique Knicker Making Kit?! So looking forward to making these, they are going to be my Small Project Challenge for February!

Handsome Nelson cat

Out and about down  by the river

Work in progress. Swarovski Crystal and Freshwater Pearl Necklaces, coming soon!

I made some Millionaires Shortbread using this recipe. It was surprisingly simple to make and so yummy!

I bought some off-cuts of traditional Scottish wool Tartan on ebay and I'm looking forward to turning them into jewellery. Watch this space!

What did you get up to in January?