Tuesday 19 March 2013

New collection in progress!

I'm currently making a new collection with a focus on my recycled fabric "sequin" idea as the main focus. I firstly came to the idea after having a move around in the studio and realizing how many materials I have that I never use, and forging a new determination to use them! I'm lucky that people know me as a bit of an avid recycling fan/hoarder (!) of wool and fabrics, so I get given lots of things and in that respect I'm never short of something "new."

The basis for the badge brooch is a self-cover button with the wire loop removed, and which I then cover with Tweed, Felt or Knit (I've tried using recycled Sari silk pieces, lace and other light weight fabrics but I find the heavier weight fabrics give a more substantial backing to be stitched onto).  I then hand cut all my little fabric sequins from any type of fabric that suits my colour way for that particular brooch, then coat them in fabric stiffener to prevent fraying. Once dry I can then stitch them onto the button.

It only makes a tiny dent in my fabric collection but I'm glad that I'm making good use of what I have, turning unwanted materials into something new to be kept and treasured! It's also been a good way to introduce more colour into my work- I'll always love and return to my white and cream but I'm pleased I've found a way I'm happy to use colour!

Some new colour ways (pre-stitching) using Harris Tweed off-cuts as the backing fabric


  1. They are really prett Louise....well done for being able to bring colour in...I struggle with that too, and still prefer to work with whites.
    I did bring some colour in for the Ninelives exhibition, currently at Slackspace....if you havent had a chance to see it yet, it is on untill the 24th March and has had really good feedback and local paper coverage.
    Ellen x

    1. Thank you Ellen, for me I think it was a case of having the confidence to break out of my comfort zone, and although these are quite simple pieces I feel that they are the start of a new chapter in my work. Glad the exhibition is going well for you, would be nice to see, will pop in later in the week.
      Louise xx