Sunday 5 October 2014

How To... DIY Lace Collar Printed T-Shirt With Cover Buttons

Here is my latest How To... A DIY Lace Collar Printed T-Shirt with Cover Buttons! Grab an old t-shirt, a paper doilie, fabric paint and cover buttons and start re-inventing your wardrobe! Here's how...

1) You will need

An old t-shirt, paper doilie, scrap of fabric, small cover buttons, needle and thread, paper and fabric scissors, newspaper, cardboard, paintbrush, sponge, all purpose glue, fabric paint 

I used Permaset Eco Friendly Screen Printing ink but any fabric paint can be used

2) Cover your buttons

Cut a disc of fabric for each button, aprox 5mm bigger than the button. Stitch a running stitch close to the edge of the fabric and pull it together in a drawstring effect. Put the cover button in the middle and tie the threads to enclose the button. Add a dab of glue and snap on the button back

3) Cut the doilie template

Cut two collar shaped pieces from the paper doilie

4) Apply a thin coat of fabric paint to the doilie collar pieces

Take care add paint to the correct side of the doilie so the print comes out the right way round

5) Get printing!

Insert a piece of cardboard inside the neck of your t-shirt to avoid any paint seeping through

Place the painted side of the doilie onto the t-shirt and dab gently with the sponge to transfer the design. Repeat for the other side of the collar. Carefully peel away the doilie and allow the paint to dry fully. Once dry, set the fabric paint according to the instructions on the bottle

6) Stitch on the cover buttons

Stitch them in a cluster or a vertical row. Add as many or as few as you wish!

Enjoy wearing your new customised t-shirt! If you try this technique I'd love to see, post your photos in the comments below! Happy making

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