Sunday 11 January 2015

Fabric Covered Notebook/Blog Planner How To...

 I'm determined that 2015 will be the year I get myself organised. Sometimes it just seems like the to do list gets longer and the days get shorter; So, I'm ditching the random bits of paper and arming myself with a Blog Planner, Diary, Weekly Planner and Calendar!

Here is the How To for making a fabric covered Blog Planner/Notebook Cover if you're getting organised too! 

1) You will need

Ring bound notebook, Tweed fabric, scrap of calico, letter stamps, ink pad, needle and thread, double sided tape

2) Fold the Tweed over by 1cm along the long edge and press. Stick it down using double sided tape

3) Lay the notebook cover on the Tweed. Measure 1.5cm around the cover and cut the Tweed to size

4) Stamp your chosen wording for your notebook onto the calico. I love my cute alphabet stamp set! You could stamp your favourite inspirational quote or phrase.

 Allow to dry and then cut out your wording

5) Stitch your wording onto the Tweed using decorative hand or machine stitches

6) You could leave the planner cover as it is or embellish it with some scraps of fabric, ribbons, buttons or anything else from your stash! I cut slithers of Liberty fabric, tacked them in place randomly and machine stitched them onto the Tweed.

7) Cover the wrong side of the Tweed with double sided tape and stick onto the cover of the planner.

Now it's all ready to fill with plans for the year ahead! If you make one, I hope it helps you stay organised too. Have you got any tips for staying organised?


  1. What a lovely idea. It looks like a nice easy project to make and very useful.It is a good idea to get rid of the bits of paper I may have follow your lead and ditch the paper for an ideas notebook.

  2. Thank you! I hope it helps you stay organised too