Sunday 22 February 2015

DIY Fabric and Chain Tassel Garland How To

I came across this heavy gold chain in a craft store and instantly felt a How To coming on! I love the trend for tassels at the moment, so I have combined the chain with fabric tassels (a good way to use up long, thin fabric scraps!)to make this fun garland. Here's how...

1) You will need

Long lengths of lightweight cotton fabric in your choice of colours (I chose three blues), heavy weight chain (from a craft store or up-cycled), fabric scissors, metallic embroidery thread and a large eyed needle

2) Cut the fabric strips along their length aprox 5mm wide, to minimise fraying 

3) Decide how long you'd like the tassels to be and cut the long fabric strips into pieces of this length. My strips were 40cm long, meaning the finished tassels are 20cm long

4) Place 5 fabric strips (or more for a fuller tassel) underneath the chain and fold the fabric strips over the top of the chain

5) Secure the tassels with embroidery thread at even lengths along the chain. Trim the ends of the fabric tassels if needed

6) Ta-dah! A lovely garland to cheer up any space

Happy making! If you make a garland don't forget to share your photos, I'd love to see!


  1. What a super idea! Thank you so much - you have given me inspiration for a present for my granddaughter.

  2. Thank you, I'm so pleased! I'd love to see what you make