Monday 5 October 2015

Wool Week Work In Progress- Fair Isle Brooches

Today sees the start of Wool Week in the UK so I thought this would be the ideal time to share some of my latest work... These are new square hand knitted Fair Isle brooches, made in beautiful British wool. I'm loving making these and transforming them from initial Fair Isle designs into wearable pieces and the Fenella 2ply wool I'm using to knit them is a joy to use and British grown and produced too. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be revealing more new jewellery work that I'll be adding to my Etsy shop soon. Watch this space!

What are you knitting at the moment and do you enjoy using British wool too?


  1. The brooches are so sweet. I am currently knitting a top-down design aran cardigan for charity.

  2. Thank you very much! Oh wow, what a lovely thing to do for charity. I've not knitted a top down design before, I'd love to see when you've finished making it!

    1. I am from the U.S. What is a brooch to you? In my country it is a pin you wear on your coat.

    2. Hi Janis, yes a brooch is the same to us in the UK, although I also like to wear brooches on my cardigans too