Monday 1 August 2016

On Instagram In July

 Happy August to you! Today I'd like to share my Instagram photos from July- I've absolutely loved the weather and getting outside for lots of walks and ice cream! Here's what else I got up to...

Walking by the river while Mr Writer catches Pokemon is the perfect excuse for an ice cream!

I love living close to the river and this is one of my favourite views of my home town

I snapped a pic of this very pretty nautical themed front door on one of our walks down to the river

The garden has been looking so lovely in the sunshine and I've enjoyed having the chance to work outside alot

The beautiful sunshine has meant that everything has been in bloom- this rose is one of my favourites this year

Wildlife watching- a Peacock butterfly enjoying the Buddleia

I've no idea what this flower is but it's certainly very pretty!

Trying out one of my Harris Tweed mini embroidery hoops as a brooch. this received a good response on Instagram so I'm going to make a little range of these

Wearing my favourite top with one of the Harris Tweed mini embroidery hoop necklaces that I made for myself

I read Gone Girl in July- give it a read if you get the chance!


Some of the handmade jewellery pieces that are available in my Etsy Shop

This pink necklace was a custom order for a lovely customer

And this one I made for a birthday gift for a friend

All the rings! This is the current range I have in my Etsy Shop

Necklace ready to go off to its new home. I love packaging orders!

Granny Square crocheted blanket WIP

I made a Custard Cream cheesecake at Mr Writer's request! It was very yummy

Nelson cat has enjoyed taking it easy this month!

He's developed a habit of taking over your book and sleeping on it if you're reading! Who knew books could be so comfy?!

Sooo cute!

So that was July and here we are in August already! What did you get up to last month?

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