Wednesday 18 September 2013

(Mis)adventures with a Light Box part 1

I'm constantly making new pieces which are always photographed by me before they head off to a shop/gallery/their new home as I like to keep a visual record of everything I make. I also have a  photographer friend who takes beautiful professional photos for me (visit her studio here).

However, I would like the photos I take to be better than a quick snap and I'll admit that I'm really not a great photographer (although I'm very keen to learn!) so I ordered a Light Box from ebay! Good lighting is one of the major obstacles I have, so the Light box was ideal as it came with two lights and a camera stand!

 I've read tutorials on making your own DIY Light Box using cardboard boxes, but due to being slightly  really clumsy I wanted something more substantial. This one folds away neatly into a carry case as well so it's very portable for taking between home and my studio (a cardboard version wouldn't last five minutes in my hands!)

I've made a start today having a play around with it and although I did manage to break a light bulb knocking the lamp off my desk (told you I'm clumsy!)  I hope with a lot of practice and learning I can start taking some great photos! Bare with me with the photos below, just practicing!

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