Wednesday 16 April 2014

Embroidery class!

Here's a little look at what a friend and I got up to this afternoon at our first embroidery class! We're both keen to master the basic stitches, so we went along and today and our lovely tutor taught us how to make French Knots! I would like to include some hand embroidery in my new project so I'm really excited to have the chance to learn new techniques.

We started by transferring a floral design onto calico, and then we started to fill in the image using the French Knots.

Transferring the drawing onto Calico

Tea, biscuits, good company and stitching!

Our homework is to fill in the rest of the flower buds with French knots. We're going back for another lesson in a couple of weeks when we will learn more stitches to complete the stems and leaves and I'm looking forward to another therapeutic afternoon! I'll keep you posted on our progress- I'm off to stitch French Knots onto everything to practice!

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  1. I find french knots one of the hardest stitches to master, you have made a brilliant start x