Wednesday 21 May 2014

Embroidery class part 2!

Following on from my first embroidery class post, today I wanted to update on how the embroidery is coming along! 

We have finished our first piece, a small flower sprig that allowed us to practice french knots, stem stitch and satin stitch. I'd like to immortalise the finished piece as a card or a notebook cover. Perhaps as an embroidery class notebook cover, decorative and useful! 

I'm finding the classes so therapeutic that at the moment I just want to embroider everything, so I can feel lots of notebook covers and cards coming on! 

This is our next project! I'd love to say that this is the one I've made, but this is our very talented tutor's piece- a super cute mushroom painted with acrylic paint on canvas and embroidered over the top using stem stitch, satin stitch and french knots. Isn't it so pretty! Such a clever idea to combine the painting with stitch

So today we set about creating our own version of the mushroom! We stretched calico onto our embroidery hoop and traced the image onto the fabric in pencil

Then we had great fun colouring the drawing with acrylics! 

Once dry, we began embroidering the outline of the mushroom in stem stitch. Our homework is to continue adding the embroidery and I'm so looking forward to carrying on with it tomorrow!

At the start of the new year I decided that I wanted this to be a big year for learning so I'm really enjoying having a dedicated time devoted to learning these new skills and I'm looking forward to reflecting what I've learnt in my work. 


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