Wednesday 25 June 2014

My Favourite Blogs- Claireabellemakes, Jessica Joy, A Alicia

 I read a lot of Blogs everyday- I love to sit down for breakfast and take the time to read posts about other  people's ideas, inspirations and achievements. It's like immersing yourself in the creative world, learning and fueling yourself with inspiration for the day. I find Bloglovin' is great for discovering interesting new blogs to read. I'd like to share with you three of my favourite creative blogs- read on and be inspired!


I first met Claire from Claireabellemakes at The Renegade Craft Fair in London last year. Claire's craft and handmade lifestyle blog centres around handmade DIY tutorials, recipes, beautiful photos taken on her bike rides in her home city of Cambridge and the quirky bicycle, floral and scrabble accessories she makes for her Etsy shop. Claire's friendly personality shines through in her blog posts and the variety of crafty subjects she features keep me looking forward to a post from her appearing in my daily Bloglovin feed. Do check it out for lots of crafty inspiration and beautiful photos- it will make you want to move to Cambridge!

Claire and some examples of her handmade accessories
A Alicia

I first started reading Anna from Aalicia's blog when I discovered her collection of lovely knitted jewellery, made with organic cotton wools. I admire and aspire to Anna's philosophy, as she strives to create work with a reduced environmental impact, using eco and ethically produced and vintage and re purposed materials as much as possible. I like how Anna builds collections around a certain theme, still maintaining the philosophies of her work yet producing new and original collections. Her latest pieces are a collection of beautifully elegant handmade ceramic jewellery. Anna has also recently released a book, "Make it your Own," featuring projects to make for your home. Through her blog, Anna documents the process of her work, the workshops she runs and her inspirations. Her photos are always lovely too- Anna's blog has a beautiful visual style.

Some pieces from Anna's new ceramic jewellery collection

Jessica Joy

Jessica Joy is the blogging home to knitwear and jewellery designer Jessica Biscoe. Through her blog Jess shares her inspirations, knitting tutorials, patterns and recipes. Jess makes very cute knitted jewellery, as well as producing self-designed knitting patterns- a very talented lady! The knitted designs that Jess shares through her blog are so accomplished, it really inspires me to keep knitting and learning. I especially love Jess's knitting tutorial videos which are great for learning new techniques! I'd recommend checking them out. Jess has recently released her first book, "Knitting Smitten," which features beautiful hand knit designs for accessories and homewares. 

Jess's book and examples of her quirky knitted jewellery

I'd love to know your favourite blogs-share them in the comments below!

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