Wednesday 9 July 2014

Embroidery Class- Learning Shadow Work

Here are a few photos from embroidery class today! I have yet to finish the embroidered Toad stall we had been working on (sadly not enough hours in the day at the moment), but full steam ahead with learning and today we've started on a piece of Shadow Work. I'm fascinated by the technique- I'd never tried it before, but having seen our very talented embroidery tutor's examples of how to apply the technique, I'm keen to experiment!

Firstly we traced the bluebell design onto a double layer of Organza fabric and secured with an embroidery hoop

We then started to fill in the outline of the design with tiny back stitches

To colour the design we used tapestry wool and a crewel needle, sandwiching lengths of wool between the two layers of fabric, within the back stitched outline. You poke the ends of yarn into the fabric pocket with the back of your needle to give a neat finish to the back

This is how it's starting to take shape!

This is one of our embroidery tutor's examples of a shadow work embroidery piece she has made- a really inspiring example of how the technique can be applied! 

I'll keep you up to date on the embroidery progress- hope to have a couple of finished pieces to share with you soon!

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