Friday 19 December 2014

DIY Crafted Christmas Tree Jumper How To!

This week I've made a DIY Crafted Christmas Tree Jumper! Everyone at work at my day job has started wearing their Christmas jumpers and I don't have one, so I thought I make a customised version!

It was really fun and thrifty make. All you need to make the Christmas tree design is a handful of green buttons, a few brown buttons for the trunk, a star button or gem and some red and gold bead string trimmings. This is a good way to use up odd buttons from your button tin, or an inexpensive bag of mixed buttons from a craft store and the trimmings could be recycled from gift wrap decorations. 

Grab yourself an old jumper, a needle and thread, put on some Christmas music and get crafting! (Add Mince Pies and it would make the ultimate festive afternoon!)

Starting with the top of the tree, stitch the green buttons on in rows. Leave a small gap between each row of buttons so there is space to add the bead trimming later on. I found that it helped to lay out the button design on the jumper first and take a photo, so I had a plan for the design

Add an extra button on each row, eg. row 1 has 1 button, row 2 has 2 buttons, row 3 has 3 buttons, etc

Continue adding rows of buttons until your tree is the size you would like. My tree has 7 rows of buttons

Stitch rows of brown buttons to create the tree trunk

Now the tree is complete, dress your tree with the bead trimming! Stitch it in between the rows of buttons, securing it every few centimetres with a few over stitches between the beads. 

Finally, stitch your star button or gem to the top of the tree!

So there you have it, a very unique and thrifty Christmas jumper that you can wear every festive season! If you make one I'd love to see! Happy making 

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