Monday 10 August 2015

BeckaBonce Crochet Accessories

The lovely Rebecca Wilson, AKA BeckaBonce, designs and makes beautiful modern, colourful crochet accessories and I was delighted when Becka got in touch. It was lovely to meet someone who shares my addiction to yarn and all things woolly! We did a crafty swap- Becka chose one of my Fair Isle necklaces and a knitted brooch and I chose one of her very cute crocheted purses and set of crocheted hair slides. 

I love receiving packages like this in the mail! 

 Becka's work is so lovely and bright and colourful, it took me ages to decide which purse to choose! After much deliberation I chose this one which is very cute in grey and mustard

Becka's business cards showcase a range of her other products. How cute are the crocheted animals?! 

I'm a learner at crochet so I really admire the skill in Becka's work. It's lovely to meet someone who shares an addiction to yarn too!

These crocheted hair slides are a lovely way to wear wool

Check out the BeckaBonce Etsy shop here. I may just have to treat myself to some of Becka's pom pom hair slide next!

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