Monday 21 December 2015

Pom Pom Present Toppers Gift Wrapping Idea

Christmas is just days away and I'm sure, like me, you are busy wrapping presents. Here is a quick and fun How To for Pom Pom present toppers to add a fun handmade touch to your gift wrapping...

1) Make your pom poms

I have a set of Rico pom pom makers which come in 4 sizes. I'd really recommend getting yourself some pom pom makers as they are a quick way to make pom poms and also guarantee they are the same size. Much quicker than the traditional method using cardboard rings and you can keep these forever, but use whatever method you prefer to make your pom poms

You could choose to stick to a colour scheme, or, as this is a great way to use up odd scraps of yarn, mix and match your pom pom colours for eclectic present toppers. I have chosen to make small, medium and large pom poms for my present toppers, but you could make them in any size you prefer

2) Attach the pom poms to your gifts

Either use strong double sided tape to stick the pom poms to your gifts, or, if you are decorating the gifts with ribbon, thread the pom poms together using a large eyed needle and spare yarn, loop the yarn around the ribbon and tie your pom poms to the ribbon

That's all there is to it! Wishing you lots of fun making pom poms and wrapping gifts. Merry Christmas!


  1. I love them, Louise. Well done - a great idea.

    1. Thank you very much Louise! Wishing you a happy Christmas

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