Sunday 24 January 2016

How To... Hand Coloured, Embroidered Gift Tags

I never seem to have gift tags when I need them so I often make my own and this has inspired my latest How To! As always, I have designed this How To with thrift in mind- you just need basic materials that you probably already have in your craft stash. This is a really simple idea that will bring a lovely handmade touch to your gift wrapping. Also, If you enjoy the trend for adult colouring, this is the how to for you! Happy crafting, here's how to make them...

1) You will need

Swing tags (or make your own using spare cardboard), drawing pencil, coloured pencils, hole piercing tool/a needle if you don't have one, sewing needle, embroidery thread, scissors

2) Draw your design on to the swing tag. The world is your oyster here in terms of designs and colours, just bare in mind you will need to make holes and stitch around them, so a bolder and less intricate design would be best. I have been given some seventies style fabric so the designs on this inspired my gift tag designs!

3) Choose your colours and colour in your design. You could use felt tip pens rather than coloured pencils if you wanted a bolder look

My lovely pencil roll was made by my friend Karen, check out her Facebook page at Karen Felt Sew Crafty

4) Use the hole piercing tool or needle to pierce stitching holes along the outline of your design. I have found it easier to make one row of holes and embroider this row before moving on to make holes for the next row, as this can mean you need to make less holes.

When I first made these tags I didn't pierce holes before starting to stitch and I found it difficult to bring the needle up in the right place every time

5) Stitch the outlines of your designs in embroidery thread. I chose to use four strands of embroidery thread but you might like to use more or less depending on the look you are going for. I've just used a simple back stitch here, but again, if you would like to use other embroidery stitches, go for it!

6) Stick some plain paper or card onto the back of your tags to hide the stitching and there you have it, very simple but effective gift tags to add a handmade touch to your gift wrapping!

If you try this How To I'd love to see your gift tags,share in the comments below!

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