Sunday 28 February 2016

On Instagram In February

At the end of each month I write a blog post sharing my Instagram photos from the month. With March just around the corner, here's a look at what I got up to in Febrauary- didn't it wizz by?!

I was super chuffed to be asked by the lovely Holly to become a stockist in her fab shop Hollycrow in Leek, Staffordshire, so I spent the early part of February preparing new pieces for her shop, including new Fair Isle brooch designs. Read more about Holly's shop in this post

Holly is stocking a range of my textile jewellery including my knitted and Harris Tweed brooches and rings as well as a selection of my Fair Isle brooches and necklaces, which are hand knitted in British wool

I had a great photo shoot for some new work with the (always) brilliant Hammonds Photography Studio. I'm gradually adding the new pieces to my Etsy Shop, watch this space!

Valentine's biscuits! You can find the recipe for these in this post

Mr Nelson. His new trick is grabbing my feet by sliding under the duvet, which is what he'd been doing prior to me taking this photo- hence his mischievous look! 

It really is a cat's life because he spends frosty evenings like this while I go off to the day job!

I bought the beautiful Jamieson and Smith Shetland wool shade card- it's so lovely! I've chosen some new colours for some new Fair Isle designs which I will share soon

A tiny row of houses emerged unintentionally in one of my Fair Isle designs!

Love working on new designs and the Shetland wool is just lovely to work with

This is a sample I've knitted to try and felt- fingers crossed it works, I'll let you know!

Although it's been a cold month there are signs of Spring coming through, with the evenings gradually getting lighter and flowers and blossom coming into bloom. We're on the right side of Winter now, I love the sunny months

Walking by the river close to where I live is something I like to do all year round, even in freezing February!

What did you get up to in February? Wishing you all a lovely March!

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