Sunday 17 April 2016

Makes Using Felt Flowers

Last week I shared this How To showing you how to make felt flowers and I so was so chuffed to receive such a positive response- it seems that lots of you are in the mood for Spring inspired makes! Today I'd like to share just a few of many many ways you could use your felt/fabric flowers...

Add details to your flowers... 

There's no need to buy anything for this make as chances are you have everything you need already!
This is a really thrifty make, using scraps of felt or other fabrics left over from other projects and you can raid your stash of embroidery thread, beads and buttons to add different centres to the fabric blooms and create your own unique flowers. 

Cut leaf shapes from scraps of green felt and stitch to the back of flowers to create foliage

Crochet a chain (or use ribbon) and either stitch or glue the flowers onto it using small pieces of felt to create a pretty garland

Attach a felt flower to an elastic hairband and wear flowers in your hair!

Glue a flower onto a ring base to create a great statement ring

 There are so many ways you could use the flowers. I'd love to know what you are making with yours- share your makes in the comments!

Happy making!

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