Wednesday 1 February 2017

Louise Dawson Design On Instagram In January

Happy February to you all! When I look back on my "On Instagram" blog posts from last year I really did repeat words like "This year is flying by!" an awful lot and I'm beginning to think that this year will be no exception. January whizzed by very quickly!

Today I'd like to share my Instagram photos from January- I have shared the photos in the order that I posted them on Instagram, so you get an idea of how the month unfolded.

I hope you had a good January. Thanks for letting me share- what did you get up to?

We saw in the new year with friends and I shared knitted best wishes

I began working on new designs, starting with sorting out my Shetland wool stash

I'm determined to complete some long standing projects this year, like this Granny Square blanket

These hand knitted, Fair Isle Shetland wool necklaces were the first new pieces I added to my Etsy Shop this year

Sharing my lovely sparkly hair bow from the lovely Jo, aka Adventures and Tea Parties

The particularly cold weather was a great reason to cosy up indoors and knit new designs!

Nelson approached January in his usual laid back style!

Thinking of Spring and stitching new Harris Tweed necklaces

Two friends of mine went out separately to buy me a Christmas present and a thank you present and both bought me the same lovely box, so now I have two very sweet boxes to store my sewing kit

Two more projects that I'm determined to get finished this Winter- a lovely super chunky jumper and cardigan

And another one! This was part way through knitting a foot stall for my Mum. I'm pleased to say I've now finished knitting it, I just need to sew it up and stuff it. I'll share some photos when it's finished. It was lovely to knit as it is made using two strands of super chunky yarn held together, so it's super squishy and kept me warm while I was knitting it!

This was another new piece that I added to my Etsy Shop- a lovely bright mustard Harris Tweed button brooch, with upcycled fabrics

Some work in progress and tea! I am usually found with a cup of tea close by

A lovely customer knitted me this very cosy fisherman's rib jumper to her own pattern- so clever and so kind

I shared a look back at 2016 through photos

Recent designs that can be found in my Etsy Shop

Nelson loves to get involved in everything I do, especially if he can sit on things and stop me working! I love this photo

Close up of some of my Harris Tweed mini embroidery hoop necklaces

I was pleased to make some progress on the blanket throughout the month. I love my orange Knit Pro Waves soft grip crochet hook

I made this Shetland wool necklace and brooch as a custom order for a lovely customer asa gift for her knitter sister. I love working with customers to create special gifts

Group shot of some of my Fair Isle necklaces

As it's been such a chilly month I re-shared my bead embellished gloves How To. I wanted to add a bit of sparkle to the cold days

These are the latest new pieces that I've added to my Etsy Shop- three Spring inspired Harris Tweed mini embroidery hoop necklaces

I hope you had a fab January and here's to a great month ahead. Share what you got up to in January in the comments!


  1. What a lovely start to your year! I really like the colours you have been using this month. Since the New Year I have knitted two children's jumpers and a baby jacket for charity and made a boxy pouch for one of my daughters-in-law. I have also returned to the Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge, after a very long break.

  2. Thank you! Oh wow, it sounds like you have had a really productive January. The Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge sounds exciting!

  3. Thank you! Oh wow, it sounds like you have had a really productive January. The Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge sounds exciting!