Wednesday 6 August 2014

Louise Dawson Design on Instagram- July

Although it went by way too fast (where is this year disappearing to?!) July was a lovely month, mostly spent making the most of the outdoors, out walking and working in the garden. Here are a few of my Instagram photos from July! 

It's been very much a foodie month, trying out new recipes (Beef Wellington, yum!), cooking for friends, making apricot upside down cake using apricots from our tree and out for a cake treat with my sister (I can't resist a slice of cake!)

 I've been out walking locally a lot this month, making the most of the sunshine by the river

Picking plums and greengages in the garden, catching up with Mollie Makes, working in the garden and noticing the first signs that Autumn is round the corner with the Conkers in the trees

Learning Fair Isle knitting, getting stuck into a great book (The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith, aka JK Rowling, nearly finished it now and it's brilliant) and making jewellery box labels in the garden

So that was July! Happy August everyone!

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