Monday 11 August 2014

The Cornershop- a whole shop filled with groceries made of felt!

This weekend I was lucky enough to visit The Cornershop, a former derelict shop in Bethnal Green, London, which artist Lucy Sparrow has completely filled with everyday grocery items, all hand made in felt! Such a fun idea! The shop contains over 4,000 felt versions of everything you can think of that you can find in a grocery store, ranging from newspapers, tins of beans, packets of biscuits, chocolate bars and frozen chips! It's just like walking into your local corner shop, except the stock isn't edible and is much more cuddly!

Such is Lucy's dedication to her theme, even the till is made of felt and Lucy stood behind her counter (in front of the felted tobacco kiosk!) making more felt groceries. The whole project took Lucy 7 months to complete and Lucy's aim is to engage the local community within accessible art and through sewing workshops.

Guilt free Chocolate Digestives! No calories!

The shelves were fully stocked, just as you would expect in a regular grocery store. It really is a feat of the handmade and great craftsmanship that Lucy and her assistant handmade each of the 4,000 items themselves

Read all about it! In felt!

The felt confectionery was my favourite part of the exhibition, there is such an amazing amount of detail in each piece

The shop in Bethnal Green will be open until the end of August, before moving on to Brighton in October. Find out more and how to get there here! I thoroughly recommend a visit to admire the craftsmanship that's gone into the project and perhaps even buy your very own felt can of beans! Grocery shopping doesn't get more fun than this!

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