Sunday 15 March 2015

Crafty Discoveries!

I've made a few crafty discoveries lately so I'd like to share!

Stick It! PVA Glue Pen

Ok, I admit it's March and I'm already making Christmas cards, but I'm so determined to be organised this year so I'm starting very early! It was while gathering materials for card making that I discovered the Stick It PVA Glue Pen. It's fab! They come with different nib widths and you just squeeze the glue out with the same precision as using a pen! Great for sticking glitter, gems and ribbons- it's become a very useful tool in my craft kit. Find them in craft stores

Learn To Sew With Lauren

A lovely friend bought me this beautiful book by Sewing Bee finalist Lauren Guthrie. It's full of fab projects- I particularly like this simple sleeveless top so I've added that to my Small Project Challenge List!

Magnetic Needle Holder

I love my Magnetic Needle Holder- no more lost needles! So simple but so clever

I'm keen to develop my Fair Isle Jewellery Collection this year and I've recently bought some Knitting Design Graph paper! I'd forgotten how much I enjoy colouring in!

 I'm a loose knitter so I end up having to use really small needles when I'm knitting with 4ply yarn, but they end up getting bent, as you can see!

Have  you made any crafty discoveries lately?

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