Wednesday 18 March 2015

Learning To Use My Camera- DSLR Photography Resources

I'm still practicing and learning how to use my Nikon D3200 camera, so I thought I'd share some helpful online DSLR photography resources I've discovered! 

A Beautiful Mess DSLR Basics

A great online course from A Beautiful Mess that takes you through the basics of using your DSLR camera. The course also helps you to develop your personal photography style and how to take photos in a variety of situations, such as product photography and portrait photography. 


Craftsy offer a huge amount of online craft courses including many photography classes- I'd like to take the product photography course!

You Tube

Nikon D3200 Users Guide

This You Tube video is a really comprehensive guide to the Nikon D3200, right from initial set up to exploring all the features and functions of the camera

You Tube is a great learning resource if, like me, you are a visual learner. I learn quicker by watching and doing rather than reading a manual. You can also search for videos relating to your particular camera and it's free (bonus)!


Pinterest is such a brilliant (and addictive!) resource for gathering tips and inspiration on all sorts of subjects. I love it because you gather your pins by subject and they are usefully stored for accessing as and when you want to 

I'm gathering photography tips on this Pinterest board DSLR Photography Tips

I'd like this to become an ongoing resource for photography that I'll add to as I continue researching, learning and taking photos! Let me know if you have suggestions to add!

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