Wednesday 27 May 2015

What To Take To a Craft Fair- Essential Craft Fair Kit!

A lovely friend did her first craft fair recently and she asked me what she should take, so I thought I'd share my essential craft fair kit! These are items that I find invaluable to have on hand at a craft fair. I have a wheelie suitcase that I use just to transport my work to craft fairs and this kit lives in there permanently so it's always ready for the next fair. 

My essential craft fair kit...

  1. Notebook- for keeping note of sales, custom orders, etc
  2. Pen
  3. Business Cards
  4. Needle and thread- I've not had to use them yet but you never know!
  5. Pins
  6. Scissors
  7. Pegs of different sizes- these always come in handy 
  8. Hang tags in different sizes
  9. String/twine
  10. Double sided tape
  11. Selotape
  12. Bags for your items
  13. Washi tape/stickers to seal the bags
  14. Tablecloth
  15. Signage for your table- I use my knitted name bunting
  16. Display stands and props
  17. Mailing list sign up form
  18. Something to work on- you may not always get the chance but I find that making your products whilst at a craft fair provokes interest in your work, it's a good use of time and as I find it hard to keep still, it keeps my hands busy!
  19. Suitcase/bags/ to transport your work to the fair. I have a dedicated wheelie suitcase that I use for this
  20. A change float
  21. Your inventory of products- I always practice my table layout so I know what products to take with me. I take extras to top up the stand with if I make a sale
  22. Drinks and snacks- it may not always be possible to leave your stand so I always take supplies
  23. A friend to help! 
Hope to chat to you at a craft fair soon!


  1. This is a useful post for anyone preparing for their first selling event.

    1. Thank you Bossymamma,I hope people find it helpful

    2. Thank you Bossymamma,I hope people find it helpful