Wednesday 13 May 2015

Crafty Discoveries

Back in March I shared these Crafty Discoveries. I'd like this to become a regular series so today I'm sharing my latest finds!

Needle Grabbers

I first heard these described as a "smokers patch"- looking at them it's easy to see why! They're so simple, just a disc of thin rubber, but they are very handy for pulling/pushing your needle through tough materials such as leather, or lots of layers when quilting. Thimbles don't work well for me as I find you can't feel what you're doing, so these have been perfect for saving my thumbs!

Customised Rubber Name Stamp from The English Stamp Company

Such a useful item to have, ideal for customising packaging and giving your branding a personal touch. I ordered mine from The English Stamp Company- there were many sizes and fonts to choose from and quick delivery too. I've been using mine to customise packaging hang tags alongside the self adhesive lace tape

Self Adhesive Lace Tape

I've seen self adhesive tape in lots of craft stores lately and I treated myself to a reel (can't resist a bit of lace!). We've all been there, getting in a tangle with ribbons and double sided tape- this saves lots of hassle. I've been using it on hang tags as part of my packaging, but it would look just as lovely as decoration on wedding invitations, gifts, stationary or bunting- it has lots of applications! I've seen it in many colours too. Love it!

Have you made any crafty discoveries lately? Please do share the crafty love so we can all check them out too!


  1. What a simple but useful idea the needle grabbers are! Thanks for telling us about them.

  2. They're so useful, no more sore thumbs- I only wish I'd known about them years ago!