Wednesday 29 June 2016

Granny Square Crochet Blanket WIP

A couple of weeks ago I had some time off work and I was so happy to finish off some outstanding crafty projects, but I did also cheekily start a new one! Although I've made a few crochet projects, like this Attic24 ripple stitch blanket and these crocheted face pads, I always have to remind myself of the stitches when I start a project. I thought that making lots of Granny Squares would cement the treble stitch in my head, as well as the Granny Square pattern. So here is my latest WIP, a Granny Square blanket made in Stylecraft Special DK!

This yarn is perfect for blanket making and the brilliant Lucy from Attic24 provides lots of inspiration, using it in many of her crochet projects. I love this summery colour palette! The shades I have used are: Storm Blue, Shrimp, Candyfloss, Pistachio, Parma Violet, Lemon, Emperor, Cream, Violet and Fondant. I can't take credit for the lovely selection, a lovely lady I used to work with in my day job put this great selection together

A note on my crochet hook- I use Knit Pro Waves hooks which have a rubbery soft grip handle. They are so comfortable and lightweight to use and don't heart my hands like the metal ones used to

A couple of Instagram snaps of my WIP. I really should start sewing in the ends as I go so it's not a massive task at the end

There's something about Granny Squares that makes me feel cheerful!

I'm so enjoying working on this- I'm not sure how big it'll end up, but I'll share my progress! What crafty projects are you working on?

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