Sunday 12 June 2016

On Instagram In May

Time is going by so quickly I nearly forgot to post this and we're already well into June (is it just me or does Christmas seem like yesterday?!) So here's a look back at my Instagram photos from May- a little peek behind the scenes...

I love this time of year, wandering around the garden in the sunshine, enjoying the blue skies and seeing what's come in to bloom. Our little apple trees are blossoming!

Vibrant summery colours in the garden

Nelson loves the summer weather as much as I do. I'm writing this on my laptop in the garden and he's pretty much in this same position on the patio table!

Aaannnnnnd stretch!

This has to be one of my all time favourite pics of Nel- he's just too cute and fluffy!

By day I work in a craft shop, mostly in the wool department. We're a friendly bunch, we all buy each other birthday cards and when it's your birthday it's your turn to bring in cakes! My colleague made the prettiest cakes for her birthday, I couldn't resist taking a photo before I scoffed it!

Sorting through my vintage thread collection. It's a shame they don't make them like this anymore

Making some new Harris Tweed and Knitted Button Brooches with upcycled fabrics

Despite my sunny photos at the start of this post, we did have some quite chilly days in May, hence the need for hot chocolate and marshmallows and wrapping up warm indoors!

Fair Isle necklaces #WIP These are one of my favourite things to make, starting by colouring the design on knitter's graph paper and hand knitting the design in Shetland wool

My new collection of Fair Isle necklaces, coming to my Etsy Shop very soon!

My sister took some photos of me with the necklaces. She also plaited my hair- it's lovely when she comes to visit, she's always wants to do my hair and paint my nails!

If you place an order in my Etsy Shop, your jewellery will arrive in a hand decorated gift box with a little thank you note. I love taking time packaging up my work to send off to customers and equally I love to buy things from other makers because of these little touches that make the package so lovely to recieve

How fab does the lovely Joanna look in her Fair Isle necklace that she won in my giveaway? Thanks for entering Joanna!

A custom order for a Fair Isle necklace. This received a lot of lovely comments on Instagram and I'm chuffed that the lady I made it for really loved it. I really enjoy making custom orsers

Something new! These Harris Tweed mini embroidery hoop necklaces with upcycled fabrics are now available in my Etsy shop in 5 colours! I made myself a mustard one that I'm really enjoying wearing

So that was May! Hope you had a good one too, what did you get up to? Wishing you a fab June, see you later in the week!

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