Sunday 19 April 2015

Beeleigh Abbey Gardens, Essex

I live in a small town in Essex surrounded by beautiful countryside. Not too far from where I live is Beeleigh Abbey and periodically throughout the year the beautiful gardens are open to the public. On Friday my mum and I walked there and I'd like to share some photos from our our visit with you!

The Abbey itself was founded in 1180

I kept saying to my mum as we walked round that I think the Abbey and the grounds have a real Midsummer Murders feel to them- the episodes are always filmed in lovely picturesque countryside locations, so I often wonder if they will visit Beeleigh to film one day!

I've always wanted a pond, I love water and it must be lovely to spend an afternoon sitting here

The grounds are vast but immaculate, so much work must go into maintaining them! 

It was a chilly but bright day

Spring Daffodils

The gardens are open periodically from April to August- it would be interesting to visit in the summer to see the change in the seasonal flowers and plants

There's something lovely and quaint about greenhouses. I had to capture the impressive stack of plant pots over by the shed too!

The gardens back onto the River Chelmer. A peaceful spot

Walking home through the countryside after a lovely morning. Find out more about visiting Beeleigh Abbey here

Happy Sunday everyone!

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