Sunday 12 April 2015

Chalk Painted Terracotta Plant Pots How To!

For my latest How To I've given terracotta pots an update for spring using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! I've been wanting to try out chalk paint for a while and I thought this would make a great first project!

1) You will need

Terracotta pots, 100ml pot of Annie Sloan Chalk paint (the colour I used is Provence), an old paintbrush, twine or string, sandpaper

2) My terracotta pots have a rustic concrete finish, so to prepare them I brushed them down with a stiff brush. Other than that, the surface doesn't require any preparation. 

I chose to paint the pots with random strokes in different directions. I Didn't worry about covering all of the pot perfectly, I wanted to go for the rustic look!

3) Paint your pots in any design you would like- I wanted to leave some terracotta showing for the rustic look. I only added one coat of paint, but you could add more coats for a stronger colour. Once the paint was dry I also used the sandpaper to remove some paint

4) Cut lengths of twine to tie around the pots. I've also seen people completely cover pots with string and pain over the top, as well as adding decopatch, adding a stenciled design or painting the pots in more than one colour. 

5) Add your plants, flowers or herbs! My herbs are a bit out of control, but at least they now have pretty pots! The paint goes a long way so you will still have plenty left for other projects. It's also weather proof, so your painted pots can live happily outside

On Wednesday I'll be sharing the How To for the herb name labels!

Happy painting and planting!

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