Monday 10 November 2014

A Roundup of my How To Blog post series this year so far!

Today I thought I'd share with you a roundup of my How To... blog post series from this year so far! One of my goals for the blog this year was to start a How To feature, creating lovely things using thrifted, recycled and inexpensive materials. I wanted to inspire others to create things from the materials they already have at home- from coasters made using old CDs, lace and paint tester pots, fabric wrapped bangles embellished with broken jewellery and a fabric scrap photo frame, I hope my How Tos inspire you to get crafting. Happy making!

This has been my favourite How To... so far, I love using these coasters!

You see lots of these trays in the charity shops and this is a great way to give them a new life

A triple wammy of a recycling How To... Old bangles, broken jewellery and fabric scraps

A handy way to use up remnants in your fabric stash

(The perfect excuse to have desert! Nom nom nom...)

A really easy and effective way to customise an old t-shirt

I used the beads and gems I already had to give a suggestion here but there are no end of possibilities for embellishment! Give those expensive embellished jumpers a run for their money!

Inexpensive to make and a good way to use up fabric from your stash

Great for using up small scraps of fabric


  1. Thank you, I really enjoyed making all of the projects so I hope other people do too